Taking Your Car Abroad?

Thirty years ago, when I was writing newspaper motoring columns, my usual seasonal advice on taking your car to Europe was to ask your insurers to issue a ‘green card’ to show you had, as a minimum, third party car insurance that was effectively valid throughout Europe.

Now with the “complications” of Brexit, I have to start issuing that same advice once more.

From the date of Brexit – whenever that may be – your insurance will not be valid in Europe unless you have sought from your insurers a ‘green card’ (or current equivalent if different!) well in advance, most insurers may needing some time to process your request. No doubt you might be charged a small “admin” fee, but, should you have an accident in Europe without that document, your insurers will NOT cover you.

It is assumed that the usual action from the companies will simply be to extend your UK insurance policy in all aspects to most European countries (probably the same ones you have been covered for up to now!), but some might reduce “comprehensive” UK cover to only cover your third party liabilities. As ever READ THE SMALL PRINT.

Of course, this information and advice might change several times before any “final” decisions are formally made. If you are in any doubt, ask your insurer BEFORE you travel.

Graham Benge
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