Winter Driving Tips

Winter, the most awful driving conditions of the year and an annual spate of accidents proves each year, that many motorists are unable to cope with the roads at their most treacherous.

When driving in Fog, heavy rain or snow, keep your distance from the car in front and reduce your speed to extend your stopping distance. If you can’t remember the minimum distances – most drivers can’t – follow the 2 second rule. Ensure that you are 2 seconds – counted from any roadside marker – from the car in front although in fog 3 or 4 seconds is safer. MORE

Many people find the glare of oncoming lights very tiring. A trick is to avoid looking directly ahead, look very slightly to left of centre, your view of the road is unimpaired, yet it is rather kinder to the eyes. MORE

Maximum alertness is very important when conditions get tough, don’t turn the heater up full and become drowsy. It is essential to get some cool air to the face occasionally, opening a window every so often is helpful. Always monitor your state of alertness and if you become very drowsy pull off the road for a few minutes, stretch your legs and get some fresh air. MORE

At all times read the road, look ahead but keep adjusting your view, closer and then further, if visibility is reduced, slow down, give your reactions a little more time to work.

Useful external websites to check BEFORE you travel…:

BBC Weather – Whilst it might be bright and sunny now, it’s good to know what is round the corner, especially if you are travelling some distance.

AA Travel and RAC Travel – Roads blocked/shut/busy… We’ve all got caught out in the past, so why not try to anticipate major issues…

Article © Graham Benge 2007

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