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Ah. As listeners to the podcast know, there comes that time of life when you need to succumb to sensible family motoring. In this day an age that looks remarkably like an SUV.

We’ve driven loads and to be honest many are much of a muchness.

Ford Puma Titanium

The Ford Puma is genuinely a great drive, with some clever storage solutions and (finally) mild-hybrid tech.

Volkswagen Tiguan

Step up a size and it’s worth looking at the VW group of cars which share the same MQB platform. In that size you have the VW Tiguan (nice badge, well made, a price tag playing on its go-to middle class ‘premium’ image).

Skoda Karoq

You have the Škoda Karoq, (cleverly packaged with some great storage solutions, useful features such as an ice scraper in the fuel flap and umbrella in the door; a squishier ride and anonymous looks).

Finally you have the SEAT Ateca.

SEAT Ateca

Subjectively the best looking, thanks in no small part to the full LED lights that give strong visual presence the front end; it is undeniably the most dynamic to drive, having been set up to embody the character of the Volkswagen Group’s sporty brand.

This one is fitted with a 150ps 1.4 turbo DSG which is as pacy as you really need in an SUV and spot on for effortless long hauls. A decent size boot and interior space makes for a practical family car and it looks smart enough for Mum and Dad too… though it would be better with the Karoq’s interior to be the complete package.

SEAT Ateca

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