Devil’s Dyke Road… in a DB7..?

OK, so perhaps it’s not quite as dramatically scenic, as rugged or even as long as our other suggested great drives, but a personal favourite of mine is a road that I have often used for benchmarking the handling of a wide variety of cars.

The road in question is just north of Brighton, the Devil’s Dyke Road up towards Horsham.

It’s set in the South Downs National Park, and uses the Downs’ green contours as a rural switchback.

It’s narrow with multiple curves. In fact, it has hardly any straight bits at its southern end, so it’s more like the Millbrook Alpine handling track, used all year to put test cars through their paces.

Both have an incredible variety of curves, cambers and elevation changes and if treated with respect, they will reward any keen driver. Just remember, on the South Downs you won’t have much time to admire the scenery you’ll be so engaged.

Aston Martin DB7 Zagato

It was on the Devil’s Dyke Road that I once took an Aston Martin DB7 for a quiet, relaxing drive in the countryside. A beautiful car, in a beautiful part of the world. Both fully lived up to expectations.

Graham Benge

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