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Breaking up is hard to do..? Not with this charity.

We’ve recently become Twitter friends with an innovative charity called Giveacar and they asked us if we’d mind passing on some information about what they do.

Only too glad we said.

So, over to Hardeep Grewal from Giveacar to tell you how you can offload your beloved/knackered pride&joy/rusty heap gratis and know that you’re helping others into the bargain..

It may be the car you have faithfully driven for a decade at a particular speed to conserve petrol – a tool to get from A to B.

You don’t speed up before red lights.

Maybe it is the type of car you walk back to after a stop at the supermarket to find a young couple taking turns to pose with it.

It might be the car Lewis Hamilton drove to success at F1.

One day it will become a scrap car, sad but true. That is where Giveacar come in to make the difficult (sniff) process easier to handle. They have a positive spin for you…donate your scrap car to charity and have 85% of the weight of the car recycled.

How? Just call Giveacar who will arrange the scrapping of your car at an Authorised Treatment Facility, provide you with a Certificate of Destruction, donate the scrap or auction value to a charity of your choice and that will cost you…nothing.

And, it’s completely free.

The scheme is innovative and regulated by the Fundraising Standards Board. If you search ‘Giveacar’ in Google you will get a long list of recommendations from newspapers, councils, radios and charities.

This is a firm with two goals: dispose of cars correctly and donate the proceeds. Car donation is already a million dollar industry in the US and it is heading that way in the UK. Giveacar have processed over 1000 cars and last month alone raised over £30,000 for charity.

They pick up any car anywhere in the UK.

Don’t let your car be cherry-picked for parts or become a problem for the environment. It is classed ‘hazardous waste’ for a reason.

Donate your car today or bear the scheme in mind for when you, or a friend, need to scrap a car.

Take a look at our website at http://www.giveacar.co.uk/ or call us on 0200 011 1664.

Hardeep Grewal – Marketing Executive, Giveacar Ltd

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