Podcast – Subscription Heated Seats, Celebrity Lotus, Escort Mexico and Steer-By-Wire

In this episode we explore:

  • Some auction highlights including some celebrity driven Lotus(-es/i, take your pick) and the four-door Ford Escort Mexico
  • What we think about steer-by-wire which is being used more in today’s cars
  • Whether having to subscribe to various features on cars is for the manufacturers’ benefit or ours
  • A couple of potential “money-pit” projects that might be a heart over head decision!

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Take a look at the excellent “Piddington Collection” of Lotus Elans… The Magnificent Seven – A Lotus Elan collection worth £700,000 with celebrity owner provenance

Rare Escort Mexico at auction with Bidding Classics: one of just six factory four-door prototypes!
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