Podcast – Would You Tackle Changing A Timing Chain In A Peugeot 308?

Having mentioned it a few weeks ago, we (delicately) ask Graham for an update on his efforts to change the timing chain in a Peugeot 308. Not a short story, but it hopefully ends well.

We also look back at cars we’ve owned, Fiat’s Bravo/Brava, and look forward to visits to the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, and its “Motion. Autos, Art, Architecture” exhibition, and the British Motor Show, coming to Farnborough later this month.

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For more information:

British Motor Show18-21 August 2022 – Farnborough

Guggenheim Museum BilbaoMotion. Autos, Art, Architecture

Photo: Pixabay – radekkulupa – NOT an accurate representation of Graham’s workspace!

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