What’s In The UKMT Gloveboxes?

Following the piece about gloveboxes of the world’s photographers, we thought we’d ask members of the UKMT team what is in theirs…..



Mike J

  • Long distance driving spectacles
  • Spectacle cleaning fluid
  • Bi-focal spectacles so I can see the dash and the road in front, snag is I can’t wear them, they give me a headache, so Ann has to do the Sat-Nav, if I am on my own I have to stop and change to my reading specs.
  • Clip sun shades for specs.
  • Ray-ban shades for when I am not driving.
  • Child seat instructions
  • Parking meter disc for France, there are more for Italy and Germany
  • Headlamp beam converter stickers
  • Baby wipes
  • Kleenex tissues
  • Sweetex sweeteners
  • Tin of mints
  • Headache tablets
  • Foot blister plasters
  • Dash-cam instructions, with various mini memory card readers
  • Laminated table detailing vehicle and trailer weights, heights etc.
  • Emergency Windscreen/glass shatter hammer
  • Two parking tickets…………I must throw these out they are about 4 months old.
  • Citroen Pen
  • Man from UNCLE agent I.D. pass.
  • A slightly mildew strawberry tutti-frutti, Ann hides these from me because I eat all the strawberry ones first.
  • Blue Peter honorary members badge, they come free after 40 years of membership
  • M-I-6 Licence to kill should anyone get in my way or get a parking place before me
  • M-I-6 universal export licence in case I get any problems at border crossings, I will have to renew this with the advent of Brexit.




Nothing too exciting:

  • a utility knife
  • iPod
  • spare 18650 batteries
  • seat belt cutter & window smash tool (just in case!)
  • pen
  • iPhone charger
  • torch

The boot has a few car cleaning bits and lots of bags for life and a charging cable for the car…. All quite practical and boring but often useful….!



  • Replacement Fuses
  • Tyre pressure gauge
  • Replacement LED/Halogen bulbs
  • Spare glasses
  • Emergency warning lamp
  • OBD Fault code reader
  • CDs

I was quite impressed when I did this to note that the contents of the Astra appear to be right out of a text book! It really is what is in the glovebox though!! Perhaps the fact that there isn’t much room for anything else helps??

The CDs and case are something that I have started to carry around again, after a good few years absence! Noting that the Astra’s system happily plays MP3s from CD means that I have hours and hours of music, audiobooks, etc on compiled CDs rather than on a separate device such as the phone. Much neater and safer.

The replacement fuses were bought last winter when the windscreen washer fuse blew, presumably when I tried to clear inches of ice/snow from a frozen nozzle that was a little too much for the pump. I was embarrassed to find that the only auto fuses I had a good stock of were NOT the “mini blade” fuses used here.

The other items are just “sensible ” things to carry…




The glovebox of my Octavia RS is currently home to 2 CD jewel cases, namely 808 State “Ninety” and Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here”. Both are empty as the discs themselves are buried somewhere in the dash-mounted multichanger.

Old Skool Baby..

Taking up most of the rest of the surprisingly minimal space given over to the storage of appendage-warming handwear is the pouch containing the car’s user manual and service record as well as a handheld CB radio for when I’m bored in traffic and want to tune into truckers bemoaning the demise of Little Chef restaurants and the legendary Olympic Breakfast…

Mmm.. breakfast..

Oh, and there’s also a Mars Bar with a Best Before date of July this year which was bought as emergency rations when commuting in the freezing conditions back in the Winter. Given the fact that the glovebox has experienced extremes of temperatures at both ends of the scale this past year, I should imagine that the contents of the package now resemble something akin to what Salvador Dali might have produced were he ever asked to depict said sweet comestible product

Note to self – chuck out old Mars Bar..


Mike G

Focus – Sunglasses, manual, swiss army knife, microfibres, baby wipes.

MINI – Sunglasses, manual microfibres, touch up pen baby wipes.

FiST – Race/marshall/scruitineering tickets

Onion – A few tape casettes, manual, a gearknob warmer (aka the little bobble hats you got on innocent smoothie)

Ovlov – Dust, handbook.. gloves!




Volvo – Handbooks for car, jelly babies, shoe horn!?, paracetamol (just in case), small first aid kit (just in case), sewing bits (just in case), sunglasses (just in case) and a town map of condom …. (just in case!! Seriously, spent a very nice week there earlier this year. Charming town, odd name, ho ho.) Also spare euro driving lenses in case we ever get back in!

Passat – handbook for car, jelly babies, 2 pens and the case for a 2.5 ton tow rope (it lives in the boot)

Golf – sewing bits, ladies’ driving gloves, fishermen’s friends, sellotape (with dispenser), spare make up, numerous cassettes -yes it’s that old – mostly 90s rock, trip hop, psychedelia…. they say if you can spell it you probably weren’t there … and I just found the lost Frank Zappa tape… a bonus.

So why jelly babies in every car ? Emergency glucose supplies for a type 2 diabetic with unstable blood sugar levels.

All a bit humdrum perhaps, but the various boots are well stocked (see What’s In Your Emergency Kit), that’s my excuse.

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