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F1 News – Alonso stays at McLaren

So, finally, the announcement Fernando Alonso has signed for McLaren for another year …
He says he is very happy at Woking alongside Stoffel Vandoorne… but only for 1 more year.
Now the double world champion has had 3 terrible seasons at McLaren, and few other driving choices.
There are no seats at top three Ferrari, Mercedes or Red Bull.
But I don’t believe it is either inertia or money that is keeping Fernando in Zak Brown’s squad.
He knows something…. There are engine and chassis developments afoot that have persuaded him to stay post the Honda debacle.
I think he knows 2018 could be a major return to form for the team and he wants to be back in the points not back on the retirees list.
Alonso is a truly great racer, give him just half a chance in anything reliable and he will work wonders. All of the other front runners, Lewis, Sebastian, Daniel, know, respect and perhaps fear him a little. Only Max fails to give respect.
Will we see him back on the podium next year? I believe we will … and much more importantly, Fernando believes we will.
Graham Benge
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