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Britain’s Drink Drive death and injury figures increase

Like many people I thought we had got on top of the drink driving problems of past years. Only last week, when writing about micro cars, I used the phrase “regained some control”.

A combination of decades of horrifying tv ads, better education, and social pressures, seemed to have exercised controls over those who might have been tempted to drink drive. It was even hailed as a  government awareness success story by several transport ministers.

It comes as a shock therefore, to discover that, and featured in very small stories in weekend newspapers, deaths and injuries directly attributable to drink driving have in fact increased.

Department of Transport statistics for 2015 show 1370 deaths and serious injuries, up 4.5 percent on the previous year. Or, to put it another way, 60 more people killed or seriously injured in drink drive related accidents on Britain’s roads.

The number of drink driver collisions resulting in slight (4570) or minor (5730) injuries was also an increase on the 2014 figures.

Will we never learn?

ANY alcohol will dangerously impair your ability to drive. Forget the “1 pint I’ll be ok” mantra.

There is NO safe limit.

Graham Benge
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