Road trip this summer?

Alarmingly, only 50% of drivers planning a trip abroad say that they will check driving rules and regulations before they leave. 1 in 10 believe the driving laws are the same in every country*.

Kate Rock, PR & Corporate Communications Manager at Goodyear Tyres, comments: “Several changes have been made to driving laws across Europe over the past few years, so it’s essential for motorists who are planning on driving abroad to ensure they have all the compulsory or recommended equipment.

“In France, for example, drivers are required to carry a self-test breathalyser and it’s illegal to drive with a satnav that shows the whereabouts of speed cameras.

“Before drivers head off, we advise they familiarise themselves with the rules of the road and ensure they have all the correct documents, including insurance and European breakdown cover.

“To help avoid a breakdown abroad, we would advise drivers to check their car before they leave – tyre pressure and tread depth, oil levels, windscreen wash, breaks etc.”

For additional advice on driving in Europe this year, motorists can visit Goodyear’s blog at Hug the Roads: www.hugtheroads.com/road-ready-europe

*Data gleaned from a 2015 GoCompare survey of 1,820 randomly selected British adults.

Map Image by ErikaWittlieb from Pixabay
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