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Can we fix it..?

..yes we can.. (to coin a phrase) Well, that’s the idea if a new online service launched today is the success its creators hope it’ll be.

Whilst we don’t normally do too much in the way of plugging, this idea seemed a little different so we thought we’d bend the rules a bit.

Whocanfixmycar is the brainchild of the team behind makeandmodel.co.uk & will allow motorists to track down the ideal mechanic or service centre in their local area.

By posting their particular requirements online, customers will be able to get quotes from technicians and garages who have previously registered with the service & narrow down the search for their perfect spanner-wielding car doctor at the click of a mouse.

Once the customer has had the work carried out by their selected business, they leave the all important feedback – much as one might when ordering goods and services from say, Amazon or Ebay – which tells other potential clients just who’s worth entrusting their precious wheels to and to whom they should possibly give a wide berth..

North East-based Ian Griffiths who’s behind the new venture hopes to have the service available nationwide soon & believes that that it’ll prove to be a great facility for both motorists and mechanics alike.

For more information, visit www.whocanfixmycar.com and see if you can find a perfect match for you and your motor.

David Wakefield
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