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Grand Tourismo Omologato.

As one of only a handful of lucky passengers in Ferrari’s amazing 599 GTO at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed, UKMotorTalk’s Graham Benge was quite simply awe-struck by the sheer pace it displayed as it hurtled to the top of the hill.

This evolution of the standard vehicle is the fastest road-going Ferrari ever produced by the legendary Italian manufacturer and builds on the already hugely-impressive 599 GTB to become only the third Ferrari ever to bear the evocative initials GTO.

Lightened, stiffened and with more power, this thinly-disguised racer will accelerate from 0-62mph (0-100 km/h) in a barely-credible 3.3 seconds & tops out at 208 mph or, if you prefer your measurements metrically, 335 km/h – which, let’s face it, is FAST ENOUGH.

There will only ever be 599 of these cars made, unless of course Ferrari decide to take a leaf out of their own (F40 order) book and produce a few more to satisfy the almost certain demands of the super-rich.

It’s a safe bet then they’re not likely to be a common sight on the roads.

Graham is already saving up but even with a whip round in the UKMT office he’s still a good few hundred thousand pounds short of being able to make Luca Di Montezemolo an offer..

So, in lieu of a sudden lottery win, turn up your speakers and relive a truly amazing sprint to the top of Lord March’s driveway in the Sussex sunshine..

David W.

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