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Ice & snow? Mind how you go..

As the first major cold snap of the Winter descends upon us here in the South of England UKMotortalk’s Graham Benge gives us all some timely advice on how to make safe progress on icy roads.
The second freezing morning in a row, it’s obviously very cold everywhere as not only do I have to scrape my car’s windows – it’s minus 3 where I live – but also, while doing so, I get yet another radio request to do a piece on driving in bad conditions.
Interesting that my piece over the mobile phone while parked up, was preceded by a man from the county council on the gritting and salting they would be doing, yes they had plenty of everything, including, by the sound of it, complacency.
This wasn’t so in February when we had a lot of snow, local authorities are still smarting from the drubbing they took for that error of judgement..
Fact is there has been no gritting yet on any of the roads I travel involving an A and B road transit across 3 counties, so are they holding off until the weather is worse? Didn’t do much for the several areas of black ice I encountered this morning, remember the shinier the road the more dangerous it is!
There’s plenty more bad weather driving advice on our website
but the most important things to remember in driving in adverse conditions are:
1:leave earlier,
2:leave enough time that you can go slower than usual, and
3: drive more smoothly than you would normally, most accidents on ice and snow are caused by excessive speed, coarse steering and too agressive braking and accelerating – gently does it!
Graham Benge
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