Learning To Drive

For most learner drivers, the Driving Test is a daunting prospect yet with proper planning it need not be so.

Far too many learners still think they will be able to pass the test with a few lessons from a friend. This is the surest way to fail the test and lose the fee.

While supplementary lessons from someone with at least 3 years driving experience are useful as the test date nears, only an ADI approved instructor can provide a systematic programme of tuition which takes into account the speed of a pupil’s progress.

A recognised driving school will use instructors whose driving has been thoroughly tested, who have a proven ability to teach the necessary driving skills and who are regularly re-tested to keep those abilities sharp. They will offer a plan of lessons which can be adjusted to the pupil’s progress and will teach all of the basic skills which are required to pass the Driving Test. All of their vehicles will be properly insured and roadworthy and can be used for the test itself.

Costs vary considerably so shop around, many schools now offer budget payment plans for groups of lessons booked in advance. Consider also the residential intensive courses which some schools can offer.

Check the pass rate of the instructor, it’s a good indicator of teaching skills.

Finally, remember that when you have passed your test you still lack driving experience. Many instructors can offer advanced training, for example in motorway driving, skid control, defensive and high performance driving techniques, all at reasonable prices.

Article © Graham Benge 2007

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