Signs and the City

Cityscapes can be a nightmare for drivers…. learn the signs you need.

Pick out:

  • direction
  • speed limits
  • signs forbidding actions

Any road journey bombards a driver with information, some important, much irrelevant.

Look up the colours / shapes of important road signs and look out for them.

Read the important signs, be informed by the messages and act upon them. You may even save petrol by getting lost less often.

Heed the speed, signs regularly spaced, you must be aware of the limit. Limits may change at roundabouts, from 40 mph to 30 mph say, be aware of that change.

If there are no signs in sight but there are streetlights then assume the limit is 30 mph.

All road markings are there to help and advise, look out for them and take note. They may indicate directions, road numbers, speed, hazards or other messages.

Most direction signs are rectangular, relevance by colour. The 4 commonest types of direction signs are blue – on or pointing to motorways, green – on or pointing to A roads, brown – places of interest nearby and white/ black surround – towns/minor roads.

Try to pick out and read only the ones you need for example if you are not stopping on your journey don’t waste time reading the brown signs. Read the correct signs.

Article © Graham Benge 2007

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