There are many ways of signalling, some by law, others not!

Using indicators to signal intended movements is clearly required by law, but headlamp flashing is easily misinterpreted and is only to be used to announce “I’m here”.

The horn should only be used for the same reason.

Dipped headlights should always be on in low light conditions, even in town. It is as important to be seen as to see.

Signals should always be early enough for other drivers to react. You should check that the signal has been seen and understood before starting your manoeuvre.

Always signal early and clearly, allowing other drivers time to react.

Always mirrors, signal, check, go when clear.

  • Signal early and clearly a change of direction.
  • Use dipped beam headlights when dark.
  • Use headlamp flashing only to announce presence
  • Use the horn only for the same reason.

Article © Graham Benge 2007

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