Planning Ahead

Any journey consists of many different types of turns and junctions, and all have all similar rules.

Any manoeuvre – advance planning using the constant stream of information from around you.

Plan every move, check the mirrors – all of them – make clear and early signals, check again and then move decisively.

Visibility is very important at junctions and your position on the road dictates how well you can see and how well you can be seen. The nearer to the stop or give way line the likely better the field of view. If you need to ease forward to improve your view do so but always with great care.

When coming towards any junction decide early which lane you should be in, usually dictated by which way you are turning. Check your mirrors – all of them -, make a clear early signal, check again and make your move to the desired position. When turning left or right make a final check of both mirrors to ensure there are no cyclists.

Always ensure that you pull up at a junction far enough from the car in front. This is particularly important on hills where the other car may roll back a little.

  • Mirror
  • Signal
  • Check
  • Manoeuvre
  • Position

Article © Graham Benge 2007

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