Moving Off

Never pull away or move right without life saving check, look over your shoulder for traffic in blind spot.

Check mirrors, signal, check over shoulder, and manoeuvre.

Moving into the traffic from a parked position always requires care. Car into first gear, handbrake off, check mirrors, signal pulling out, check mirrors again, check over shoulder for traffic gaps and blind spot traffic. Leave only when all clear.


  • Mirrors
  • Signal right
  • Check over shoulder
  • Move out if clear
  • Beware traffic in blind spot

Keep your speed up with the traffic, selecting the correct gears for the conditions.

Clutch, brakes, accelerate smoothly, observing traffic all time, careful of road positioning, tidy in lane, clear of parked cars, stopping at junctions and lights. Assess the need to apply the handbrake and put the gearbox into neutral at each halt. If more than 20-30 seconds wait – handbrake, gears.

Look out for people still sitting in the cars parked on your left, they may open a door or suddenly pull out without looking or indicating.

Place the car carefully, clear of parked cars yet to left of centre line. On narrow roads it may be necessary to compromise the space you leave on your left but be very alert if doing so and watch out for cyclists moving in on your left.

Allow time to plan arrival at the traffic lights, which lane you are in, stop clear enough of car in front so you can see its wheels on the road. Is the stop long enough to need the use of the handbrake? Gearbox to neutral. Prepare to move off as the lights start to turn green.

Usually clear road markings advising you of directions or hazards… Look out, take note, they are there to help you.


  • Position
  • Gears
  • Traffic flow
  • Road markings
  • Traffic signals
  • Stopping places
  • Handbrake?
  • Gears?

Remember “rubber on the road”…..

Article © Graham Benge 2007

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