City Driving

Imagine a suburban street scene – there are many different hazards, people on a pedestrian crossing, the crossing close to a busy junction.

Watch out for people waiting at crossings, observe the signals and give them time to cross.

While waiting look ahead to see what happens after the crossing so that you can keep planning.

In a busy urban scene there will be many different types of pedestrian crossing.

The simplest will be zebra crossings where there may also be belisha beacons. You MUST give way to pedestrians on these crossings and stop at or before the line marked on the road.

There are also pedestrian crossings controlled by traffic lights and these must be obeyed as any other traffic light. Even if the lights change you must always allow pedestrians to finish their crossing, they have the right of way as soon as they step onto a crossing.

If you make a turn into another street you must also allow pedestrians to continue their crossing.

If you find yourself in a traffic jam, do not wait on a pedestrian crossing – leave it clear.

Take note of the zig-zag lines either side of pedestrian crossings… These mean that you must not park or overtake near the crossing. Similar zig-zags are also used near schools to prevent parking.

  • Look out for pedestrian crossings.
  • Observe the signals.
  • Give people time to cross.
  • Look ahead while waiting.

Article © Graham Benge 2007

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