Forecourt Fixes – Introduction

Forecourt Fixes – Introduction

Welcome to Forecourt Fixes, a new series of short videos about how to keep your car and your family safe on the road.

Cars have become far more complex in recent years, but there are still many checks and tests that you can do yourself with a little guidance.

All of these things will save you some money, be more fuel efficient, and make your car safer and better to drive on the road.

Some breakdowns are simply unavoidable. The AA and other rescue organisations believe that 50% of their calls could be prevented by the simplest of maintenance and a little regular servicing.

All of the tasks in the Forecourt Fixes videos can be easily carried out on a forecourt just like this one, with few, if any, tools required.

You can use items readily available at just about every garage.

Screen wash, Oil, Brake fluid, Air, Water, Bulbs, And Fuses.

Every one of the Forecourt Fixes videos will show you what to do, and how to select the right product for the task.

Each of these tasks is vital to the safe and efficient running of your car.

We believe anyone can carry out these tasks without tears, temper tantrums or blooded knuckles.

You can do it!

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