Inside The Glove Box

People spend an enormous amount of time in their cars throughout their lifetime, so what are their glove-box travel necessities?

GoCompare were curious, and asked 10 photographers from around the world to take pictures of their own cars and the contents of the glove-compartments.

It is perhaps not surprising to notice that there are few regional differences, the items found being a combination of practical and personal……



David Sims – London, England

  • TouristBiro pen from a royal trip to Ireland
  • Radio scanner to listen to film set security and other band transmissions – not illegal to do so, I will say
  • Small binoculars
  • Spare iPhone
  • Business cards for PR and celebrities
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Eye mask and ear plugs -being a photographer you may end up working 14+ hours so I try and get sleep when possible
  • UK Passport as I may get an assignment at late notice and need to leave asap
  • Heartburn tablets that I take daily for the stress in this job
  • Headphones for iPhone to take calls quietly
  • Sweets for sugar drops


John Morris – Australia

  • Blue Point tyre pressure gauge in box
  • Old street map of Canberra (Australia’s capital)
  • Hot Shots container with chamois inside
  • Old registration papers, no longer used in New South Wales
  • Media Accreditation hard card for Shannons Nationals motor racing series in Australia
  • Pair of Reebok sunglasses
  • Toby Mac cd (pop/ soul/ rap)
  • Owners guide for the car (Ford Falcon XR6 FG) and mechanical protection plan from Peter Warren, the dealer I bought the car from when new

My eldest son is a motor mechanic and the tyre pressure gauge is a gift from him

The Canberra map was used to navigate the city during the Royal Tour of HRH Prince William, Princess Kate and Prince George a few years back (which I covered for WENN and had images used in American People magazine amongst other publications in Europe and Asia)

I photograph the Shannons National race series in addition to Australian Supercars, F1, Moto GP, World Rally and World Superbikes. They gave me two hard cars, so I keep this in the glovebox as a back up.

The car is a 2011 Ford Falcon XR6 FG, it was perhaps the most popular of the Ford Falcon XR6s ever made. The car was built during the height of the Global Financial crisis and despite falling sales for new cars, Ford Australia kept producing the car. The end result was an oversupply of the car and very cheap prices for those who wanted to buy one (some $10,000 AUD below the official list price at one stage). Ford Australia brought out an updated version of the car a couple of years later, which became the last Australian made Fords when the company stopped local production in 2015. So this car is a bit of a reminder of what we once made in Australia, new cars.


Claudia Wiens – Seville, Spain

  • A knife
  • A camera memory card
  • A name tag from an assignment for GIZ in Berlin
  • My metal box with glasses
  • A business card from a hostel in Marrakesh, Morocco
  • A spoon
  • A hair band
  • Lip balm
  • A map of Seville
  • A cat hair ball
  • Charcoal tablets

The knife is simply handy for many things.

The memory card I must have forgotten there and I’m happy to recover it thanks to this assignment.

The name tag is from an assignment for GIZ in Berlin and I must have emptied a bag in the car and put it in the glove box.

I’m slightly short-sighted so I need glasses to drive a car.

The business card from Hotel Essaouira is from a hostel in Marrakesh where I stayed on my way to Essaouira. In May 2016, I covered the Gnaoua Music Festival for the UK online publication Middle East Eye.

On the road, I often buy something to eat where I need a spoon. In fact, I carry a spoon also in my bag.

I have dry lips and keep lip balm everywhere.

I only moved to Seville in December 2015 and without a map, I was a bit lost initially.

I have long hair that can be in the way when I take photos, so having a spare hair band here and there is quite practical.

The cat hair ball seems to be weird but for me it is a lucky charm. When I brush my two beloved tom cats I collect their hair and turn it into little balls, that they love to play with and I keep one for good luck.

The charcoal tablets are also from my road trip to Morocco. It’s good to be prepared for Montesuma’s revenge.


Ilan Godfrey – Johannesburg, South Africa

  • Original 1975 Instruction Manual
  • Moto Quip – A Professional Tyre Pressure Gauge
  • Lentes & Marcos P – Spare Sunglasses
  • Sandpaper
  • Grandaddy / Sumday Music CD
  • RAM Defense Pepper Spray 60ml
  • Clipper Lighter
  • Multi Tool Screwdriver
  • No 12 J.B.S Spanner

I have been driving the beetle since my teens. It was given to me by my father who bought it in 1998 from an elderly lady for R7000 (£400) and it is the only car I have ever owned-it just keeps on running.

The tyre gauge has been something I have kept in the glove box ever since driving over a nail which still needs to be attended to.

There’s always a spare pair of sunny’s on hand for the bright light out here in Joburg.

The sandpaper and multi tool screwdriver are used to clip off the distributor cap and clean the points on those days the old – girl doesn’t want to start as well as tuning the idle screw.

The spanner, I don’t know why it’s in there otherwise.

The pepper spray is advisable as a means of protection out on the streets when driving…you just never know.

I have various discs that don’t fit the glove box but if I recall,this one I grabbed from my brother’s old collection. I think he purchased it on a trip we made together back in 2004 to California, USA. The genre is rock/indie.


Chris Lane – New York

The Brain Candy was given to me from a job I had. I kept in in the glove box to stop me falling asleep- it’s equivalent to a can of red bull. Sometimes in the US, it’s typical to travel 6 hours non-stop!

The Sharpie was a happy surprise and a happy find as I lost this and it’s probably the most important thing in there!

Adele was the wife’s and I have to confess is a deliberate hide as this album drives me insane as the wife has played it so much. She had no idea until now!

There’s the usual car manual and some odd tickets that have been mindlessly thrown in and forgotten about.


Euan Cherry – Scotland

  • Paperwork for the car
  • A breathalyser – In Scotland, just one glass of wine will put you over the legal limit, and if you have had anything to drink the night before, it is important to check that you’re under the limit before getting in the car.
  • Compeed blister plasters – as a photographer, I’m on my feet a lot during the day.
  • Paracetamol
  • A spare charger plug


Fred Corcoran – Ireland

  • Car manual, not a car person. Took me an hour to find the hood release when I first bought it.
  • Random cd collection. Never get played.
  • Moleskin notebook and pencil. Oldskool. Invaluable, as a landscape photographer I record new locations, shot exposure details, weather, light direction, filters used etc. Makes it a lot easier when returning to the same location again.
  • Led Lenser. The best LED light I’ve used. I carry a Petzel head torch in my camera bag but if I need power, for example to paint light during night exposures, this is the weapon of choice.
    Business cards. Can never have enough.
  • Holy Water. Found this a month after I got the car. Placed in the glovebox by my late mother.
  • Old pair of Ray-Bans. Can’t wear anymore as I require prescription.
  • Eye drops
  • Phone charger
  • Optical Cleaner and cloth. For eyewear but I’ve recently discovered it’s great for cleaning ocean spray off glass photographic filters.
  • Photo of Fr Mychal Judge with a prayer on the reverse side. A cousin of my partner, he was one of the first casualties of 911 and died at the World Trade Centre. The photograph of his remains being carried by firefighters from the debris made the front pages worldwide.


Brunel Johnson – New York, USA

  • TomTom – Before the advancement of technology, TomToms and satnavs were the better alternative to an A to Z Map. Now it’s just there for emergencies.
  • Wipes – Important for maintaining a clean environment within the car. I hate untidiness or dirt.
  • Ibuprofen – in case someone in the car is feeling unwell.
  • Ford Services – A record of all works done to the car in case it breaks down while driving.
  • Tissues – For myself or anyone in need to blow their noses.
  • Sunglasses – You never know when the sun may come out in London, so I’m always prepared.
  • Chewing Gum – Bought on my trip to America, I keep them in case someone asks for gum.
  • Cologne – Smelling good is a priority.


Veejay Villafranca – Philippines

  • Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) – contains basic first aid and stop the bleed kit. Also has basic medicine in case of a medical emergency.
  • Portable car inverter – This is very useful especially when on assignment as it has 2 USB slots which can charge mobile phones and other gadgets plus one 220v socket to charge laptops, batteries and other electronic equipment.
  • Wood pipe and lighter – Nothing beats a good whiff of tabac once in a while. Also used for socializing.
  • Every Day Carry kit (EDC) – This never leaves my side. Contains basic survival tools such as flashlight, lighter, metal cords, pocket folding knife, compass, firestarter.
  • WD – 40 lubricant – For those squeaky situations.
  • Most of this isn’t only in my glove compartment but I have different versions (and sizes) of them in my bags and at home.


Phillip Oldman – Manchester, United Kingdom

  • Multimeter used to diagnose some recent electrical faults.
  • Spare bulb and fuse set – it has a dangerous headlight addiction and gets through a few bulbs!
  • Emergency Next Indigo smellies, for those last minute jobs.
  • Various photographer accreditation for British Athletics and Premier League events.
  • A well-thumbed ‘Over The Moors’ rock climbing guide book, for elusive day off adventures in the hills around Manchester.
  • Volvo owner’s manual, for the V50.
  • CD version of Muse’s album ‘Black Holes and Revelations’, an old favourite from back in the day. No idea where the actual CD is though!



Thanks to GoCompare.

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