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All change!

There is an ancient Chinese proverb – or is it a curse? – “may you live in interesting times“.
The old order changing as Moseley leaves….? Jean Todt, has been voted in as President of the FIA…. the protector of the current regime…. rather than the candidate for change…

Meanwhile, back at FOM/FOA, Bernie, the owner of all other three letter corporate acronyms, has a bit of a problem….
Simon Gillet at Donington seems to have blown it in a very big way and clearly cannot raise the money to prepare Donington for the 2010 British GP. Bernie will probably reluctantly go back to Silverstone who will surely hold out for a multi-year deal, their recent improving financial position suggests they can afford to play a tougher game of poker with Bernie this time around.
Is it the end of the British GP? I doubt it, even Bernie recognises what a PR disaster that would be for him and for the FIA.
Other gossip suggests Jenson Button may go to McLaren for 2010 and not stay at Brawn after all.
I doubt it, somehow, for many reasons…. Money is not his prime motivator, but loyalty is important to him. McLaren, I think, will not want two recent world champions at the same time and maybe could not even afford them!
Toyota’s last minute bid for the McLaren bound Raikkonen is, according to Toyota team boss John Howet very cash limited and I am convinced Ross will reach a deal with Button although Ruben’s position is perhaps more fluid….
Looks like we shall have lots to talk about in Abu Dhabi!!

Graham Benge
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