If you are unfortunate enough to have had an accident...

...and hopefully are not hurt, aside from the practical aspects there are a number of legal obligations which must be met if there has been damage or injury to a person, vehicle or animal larger than a cat.

It is as well that every driver clearly understands these requirements as failure to comply with certain items is an offense in itself while ignorance of other items could result in your insurers repudiating your claim.

The Road Traffic Acts require the following actions:

  • Stop
  • Give your name, address, car registration and insurance details to the other party and obtain theirs
  • If there are any injuries, report the same details to the police within 24 hours.

In addition, make a note of the following information which your insurers will require:

  • Details - as above - of the other party
  • Details of any witnesses
  • Descriptions of any injuries however minor
  • Details of all damage
  • The numbers of any attending police officers and their station
  • The location, time and date of incident and the weather conditions and state of road at the time
  • A sketch of the road layout and positions of vehicles.
  • Also, if you have a camera to hand, take several pictures of the scene as these may well help to settle disagreements later if a prosecution should be brought before the courts or the insurance company of the other party contests any of the events.

Accidents are upsetting enough but the aftermath can be even worse for the ill prepared.


Article © Graham Benge 2007

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