The key to haggling is a simple one, practised every day by the professionals. If you can't get the car you want at the price you want simply walk away and leave it.
During your inspection warm the seller up by hinting you would only be interested if the price is right. Ignore sticker prices on windscreens, they're just a starting point even with most new cars. Forget any firm price unless it's very rare car, if the seller won't deal don't waste your time.
There's loads more cars out there to look at some of which may suit you a lot better. Don't be so keen on any car that you suspend your judgement.

Know what you can afford to pay and what price the vendor is asking, take your time, be fair, firm and always polite.

Ignore sob stories from private sellers, you're not a social worker, you're there to buy a car but only if it's at the right price.

Be realistic and start the process from say 15% below the asking price going up in small stages so that if you compromise on say a 7.5% discount you have walked away with the car you wanted and perhaps tens or hundreds of pounds.

Never let the Vendor know how much you budget is or you are prepared to pay or that you may be in a hurry to find a car, all of these things simply firm the price for the vendor. Make the seller realise you've done your homework... you have haven't you ?

Anything only has a value if a seller and buyer reach agreement on it's value.

Abstracted from the book “Buying a Used Car” © G Benge 1997-2007

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