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  • The official website of the Land Rover Discovery Owners Club, an ALRC member club.
  • The Association of Land Rover Clubs is open to any club dedicated to the Rover marque (including Land Rover) based in the UK or Overseas.
  • Fiat Seicento, Cinquecento, Panda and 500 owners club - the UK 'cento owners club
  • Ferrari Owners' Club is open to anyone who either owns or has owned a Ferrari.
  • Founded in 1902, with connections back to the Liverpool Self-propelled Traffic Association of 1896, LMC are probably the oldest active Motor Club in the UK.
  • If you own one of the following cars, this is the Club for you!: Austin Cambridge A40, A50, A55, A55 Mk2 & A60 Austin Westminster A90, A95, A99, A105, A110 Mk I & Mk II Austin Freeway Mk I & II, & Austin Cambrian Morris Oxford Series V & VI MG Magnette Mk III & Mk IV Riley 4/Sixty Eight, 4/Seventy Two, Riviera, & Silhouette Vanden Plas A105, Princess 3 litre Mk I & II & 4 litre R Wolseley 15/60, 16/60, 24/80 Mk I & II, 6/99, & 6/110 Mk I & II Austin & Morris A55 & A60 Half Ton Van, Pick-up & Sun Tor Caravanette Di Tella Sedan, Station Wagon, Utility & Magnette ...and all other variants: Estates, Hearses, Commercials, Custom Cars & 'Specials'
  • The Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs exists to uphold the freedom to use historic vehicles on the road. It does this by representing the interests of owners of such vehicles to politicians, government officials, and legislators both in the UK and (through the Federation Internationale des Vehicules Anciens) in Europe.
  • The DLOC is a club run for enthusiasts by enthusiasts for the owners of all DAIMLER, LANCHESTER and BSA vehicles. It is the only Owners' Club catering for all Daimler, Lanchester and BSA vehicles, which is recognised by Jaguar Cars Ltd. and the Jaguar Heritage Trust.
  • Established in 1935 the Aston Martin Owners Club continues to attract new Members from around the world. With over 5,000 Members in 40 countries.the club caters for the owners of the earliest pre-war models, through the David Brown era, to the very latest models produced today. However, you do not have to own an Aston Martin to become a Member of the Club, everyone is welcome.

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