City Junctions

Some city junctions seem very complex but they all follow the same general rules as before. Select your chosen path early using the road markings and other signs, clearly signal your intentions, obey the traffic signals, if your lane moves don't get caught in the yellow box, don't enter until you can go through, if necessary wait for the lights to change again. If the box is blocked by other traffic leave it to clear before proceeding. Be aware of pedestrians who may not wait for their crossing signal. Watch out for late lane changers who didn't plan as early as you.

A typical city junction and at first sight rather daunting but it follows all of the rules obeyed by other junctions and typical paths are illustrated through it.

Don't enter the box unless you are clear to proceed in your chosen direction. 

Such complex junctions as this are invariably light controlled and the numbers of lights and their permutations can seem baffling but concentrate only upon the lights which relate to your lane and chosen direction and only move when you have clear green and room to proceed through the box. 

Many complex junctions now have cameras mounted above them to record red light jumpers. Jumpers often cause very serious accidents and offenders are traced and nearly always prosecuted.  

  • Observe the signs
  • Select your lane.
  • Watch the lights and filters.
  • Don't block the box
  • Watch for pedestrians who may not wait at crossings.

Article © Graham Benge 2007

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