Gordon Murray T.50 V12 – Le Mans Simulation

“Just 100 customers will share my vision, a car created to improve on the F1 formula in every conceivable way. With 30 years of technological and systems advancement, now, the time is right to design the greatest analogue driver’s car. I believe no other company could deliver what we will bring to market in 2022, producing this British supercar will be my proudest moment.”

Gordon Murray

At any one time, in any era, the number of highly successful racing and sports designers can usually be counted on the fingers of one hand. One such person is the legendary engineer and designer, Gordon Murray. With a CV that includes title-winning F1 cars … esoteric but banned F1 cars … and revolutionary sports cars such as the McLaren F1, his latest supercar … or should that be hypercar… the T.50 is undergoing its initial trials.

As you can hear on the audio of the V12 engine test video, as it drives a imaginary lap of the Le Mans circuit… the sound it is going to make is simply stunning.

The T.50 is due to go into production later in 2021 and embodies some defining features of earlier cars in its design. Three abreast seating in an elegantly slippery body with a fan in the tail … yes, the aero dynamic fan is back!

“To be truly remarkable, an engine needs to have the right characteristics: highly-responsive, an amazing sound, engaging torque delivery, free-revving, and it has to be naturally aspirated. For all those reasons, the engine in the T.50 was never going to be anything other than a V12.”

Gordon Murray

Powered by a monster V12 engine … as Gordon Murray himself says, possibly the last such of a dying breed … the first T.50 should reach its new owner in 2022, with a window sticker price of £2.36million (before VAT!). However, if you’ve not already formally joined the queue, don’t bother, you’re too late. The entire run of just 100 cars has already been sold.

Gordon Murray T.50 fact file:

  • Weight: 986kg
  • Price: £2.36million (plus taxes!)
  • Engine: 3.9-litre V12
  • Power: 663PS
  • Max Revs: 12,100rpm
  • 400mm rear-mounted fan
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