Uncovering my Ford Orion Equipe – Which engine should I build next?

Mike takes you on a tour of his Ford Orion Equipe, during lockdown 3 (lockdown with a vengeance); having been left languishing in the garage… the car that is, not Mike…

It’s all nostalgia with a 2.0 Zetec engine thrown in for good measure, but what should he do next with the engine?

Quick spec:

  • 2.0 Zetec​ engine
  • full stainless exhaust system
  • AVO coilover front, Koni adjustable rear suspension.
  • 300mm brakes
  • Standard interior/bodywork
  • RS turbo roll bars
  • Adjustable TCA’s
  • Limited slip differential
#Ford​ #Orion​ #Zetec​ #theonion​ #retro​ #80s​ #engineconversion
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