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French Road Trip – A Traffic Light Innovation

More jottings from our French road trip…
We all find it frustrating waiting at temporary traffic lights while uncontrolled utilities dig yet more holes in our pepper pot roads.

We have no idea how long we will need to wait while these heroes dig frenziedly …. or more likely sit in their vans until overtime starts.

We were therefore impressed by the French temporary traffic lights…

No pointless and ignored amber, but, in its place, a timer showing exactly how long you have to wait before they change to green. The information certainly should help keep the amount of time you are waiting into perspective!

Ok, probably only the first half dozen cars can see it clearly but I rarely saw more than that in any queue.

No more badly aimed, slow to change lights, with too many fools rushing through red lights as though they had something really important to get to…?

Graham Benge
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