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The A3 before the Hindhead Tunnel

During a conversation about tunnels the other day, which I think was started when the A303 Stonehenge project was in the news, I mentioned that the Hindhead Tunnel, south of Guildford on the A3, has made a huge difference to the village of Hindhead, and the surrounding countryside, with much of the “old A3” being returned to nature.

I then said that, somewhere, I had video of the old road during the tunnel construction work, and was surprised when I was asked to upload it for all to see!

Anyway, here it is…. Firstly the road driving south…

Then, you’ve guessed it, north…

Since then, the route of the old road has been transformed…


More about Hindhead Commons from the National Trust: https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/features/case-study-returning-hindhead-common

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